I am trying to get PyGimp installed and working on Windows XP.  It seems
like this should be easier than it used to be.  A quick google lead to
several long install procedures.  I have been using PyGimp in Ubuntu and am
quite happy with it, but I know need to use it in windows.
My computer has Python 2.5 and PyGTK.

I ran the installer I downloaded from here:

with PyGTK installed, if gives me the option to install the Python extension
(I did this).

I don't get any error messages, but it doesn't seem like PyGIMP is really
working.  Unlike in Ubuntu, I don't have any Python menu items under
Filters, I don't see any place to launch a Python console, and it doesn't
recognize any of the scripts I have in $HOME\\.gimp-2.6\\plug-ins

Are there other installation steps I am missing?  How would I know if PyGIMP
was really working under windows?


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