>>> A good foreground selection tool would need to get rid of the red in the
>>> pixels with both red and green and only leave slightly transparent green
>>> pixels.
>> Absolutely. And this is exactly what Jenny has implemented as part of
>> the Google Summer of Code.
>> (So until now SIOX was 'only a selection tool' but now it's not
>> anymore -- at least once Jenny's code
>> makes it's way into the main branch)
> Ok cool.
> Speaking of integrating into git master, who will do that? There is a need
> to cleanup the branch and introduce proper commit messages. If we could
> get help with that it would be great.

I think the integration should be a collaborative effort between Jenny
and somebody who actually knows the GIMP code very well and has commit
privileges on the main tree. I am happy to help conceptually, meaning
on advising how the output should look like and what is possible and
what might not be possible for further extensions.


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