On 2009-10-02, Sven Neumann <s...@gimp.org> wrote:
>>   0) Remove "Press F1 to view manual" from tooltips unless GIMP knows
>>      that a manual is present, and knows to which page to jump.

> Since GIMP offers to read the manual online, the manual is always
> present. Or rather, it becomes rather difficult to tell whether it is
> present or not.

This is a very sad situation.  Note that most of users won't be able
to install GIMP documentation locally [*], and in today's state of
mobility, people are very often without Internet access...

  [*] Try to understand how to get GIMP docs starting at


      I could not...  (Most probably, *I* would be able to do it if I
      would not decide to restrict access to resources mentioned on
      www.gimp.org...  But most users would be stuck at this point...)

      Do not you find this "see above" very frustrating?

> Same goes for the decision on whether the manual covers
> this topic. The core knows nothing about that and the gather that
> knowledge, it needs to download the manual index.

So before the index is downloaded, the message in tooltips should
better be modified accordingly.  "More help MIGHT be available by
pressing F1" or some such...  And then, a need to download the index
should be clearly indicated to the user when F1 is pressed...

> The change you are asking for is definitely not trivial. It might be
> easier to just fix the manual so that it covers help for all help
> IDs.

Including all the scripts I'm going to write?!


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