If this is the wrong list for my question, please tell me the right place
for it.

I wrote an exporter script (to a new file format) in python. This script
requires the user to choose the location of some other file, amongst other
settings before saving the image
so in the call to the register function, there is the following:
        (PF_BOOL,  "compression", _("Use _compression (LZO, not yet
implemented)"), True),
        (PF_FILE,  "ftsarc", _("The ftsarc binary"),

Once the user selected that file, I would like to keep that setting in mind
to avoid him the need to re-select it, as it is very likely to never change.
I could do this by saving it into a well-defined file, like ~/.something,
but that sucks (I don't like to pollute the filesystem).

I found that the png exporter plugin uses "parasites" for this, that sounds
interesting. Now, trying to read my parasite is a problem, I need to read it
before the call to register but at that time, the GIMP system doesn't seem
to be ready yet. Just doing:
        print gimp.parasite_list()
in the script will print out the error:
        LibGimpBase-ERROR **: gimp_wire_write_msg: the wire protocol has not
been initialized
        (gimp:17350): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: gimp: gimp_wire_read(): error
to the console.

Is there any other way to achieve what I want? (Without saving it to a
well-defined file in the user's home)

Regards, Lucas
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