"The developer's vision" of GIMP UI directions complains that there is
no space on a layer entry (one in the layers list) to show layer
grouping.  My observations on the topic:

  a) Current layer entry contains too little info anyway.  There is no
     indication of presence of a alpha channel (moreover, the layer-mode and
     transparency lock are shown on current layer only).

  b) The left 40-50 pixels (or somesuch) are used to visualize 2 bits
     of information only.

  c) To visualize groups, you need about extra 5 pixels per extra
     level of depth (ask me if one doesn't see how).

So a solution which immediately comes to mind is:

  1) merge 3-4 bits of info into 1 icon (using transparent icons as layers ;-).

  2) make this icon twice as narrow as each of the current wasteful
     visibility/move-lock icons.

This would free enough space to 4-5-deep layer group hierarchy.  The
other layers will have more space for names, or may be used with
larger icons.

How to implement (2): make the eye to look to the right instead of "at me":

 < O    This icon may be of 1:2 aspect.

How to implement (1): make icons (decreasing order in z-layer)

  "eye":         black on transparent;
  "chain":       gold on transparent, along left edge;
  "has alpha":   usual checkerboard.

If desirable, one can also add "lock" icon in LR corner (for
transparency locking), and/or "Layer mode" icon in the UR corner
(e.g. red "ASCII-symbol for the arithmetic operation").

Both below eye in z-order.

  [I do not think that "transparency locking" is needed to be visible
  on all layers - it influences only editing, and one cannot edit
  non-current layers ;-).  However, "non-normal" layer-modes should
  better be visible on all layers.

======================================================= DEFECTS:

Currently, one can switch "chain" on/off by clicking on chain icon.
With a merge, this should be controlled separately (e.g., the same way
as "transparency locking"?).

What do you think?

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