Hello everyone,

I'm new to the list (and to GIMP development) so you'll have to excuse 
my general noob-ness. I've been using the GIMP for a few years now, and 
one of the features I often use is the Animation-Playback plugin. Now, I 
know about GAP (and I use that, too) but the Playback function is still 
a staple of GIMP use for me. And with that in mind, I thought that this 
part of GIMP could really use some love; the TO-DO comments have been 
there for, what, 10 years now?

Now me, I'm very much a beginner when it comes to C, GTK+ and GIMP 
internals, so I can't really do all that much at this point. What I 
found I can do (for myself, even if not for inclusion in the stable 
tree) is
add a UI element for default frame duration. This is something which for 
me is very important: I work mostly at 12 FPS, so the implicit 100ms is 
not good enough for me. To this end, I added another combo box to the 
animation-playback window, with a set of predefined (standard) 
framerates. I also changed the listing in the duration adjuster combo 
from % values to 'x'. To me this seems more intuitive (as I think that 
many people who see the original % values will initially think that the 
adjuster is used for zoom, rather than speed).

Here is a screenshot to see what I mean:

Source code can be downloaded from:

The source file is modified from the 2.7 version in git. Now, being a 
noob, I have yet to find a way to compile this as a stand-alone plugin. 
If I use the gimptool, I get "initializer element is not constant" 
errors in 'ui_manager_new'. The only way I could compile this was by 
doing a full GIMP build from the git source. And while this works in 
Linux, I can't use this method on Windows. I was able to compile other 
plugins on Windows, but I never managed to sort out all dependencies for 
a full Win32 GIMP build. Could anyone help with this?

Also, what do you guys think (in code and design terms) about these UI 


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