Mircea Purdea wrote:
> Source code can be downloaded from:
> http://nothing.exhalus.net/misc/animation-play.zip

Hi Mircea!

Modifications to software is generally distributed as patches, look at 
[1] for basic instructions on how to generate a patch with git.

> The source file is modified from the 2.7 version in git. Now, being a 
> noob, I have yet to find a way to compile this as a stand-alone plugin. 
> If I use the gimptool, I get "initializer element is not constant" 
> errors in 'ui_manager_new'.

Yes, the "plug-in" has dependencies to private API, most of it for 
internationalization. Should be easy to convert it to a proper plug-in.

> Also, what do you guys think (in code and design terms) about these UI 
> additions/changes?

I haven't looked at the, but the UI changes seems sane to me.



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