Tim Chen wrote:
> I am particularly interested in the topology of the graph generated by
> GIMP for I am considering the possibility of implementing a plug-in that
> can allow user to directly manipulate the DAG itself. I can already
> foresee some interesting use case such as non-linear undo/redo,
> operation reuse...etc
> And of course, all comments and brainstorm are welcome :D

hi, i can only apply for the brainstorming section, sorry :)

have you considered to start with a stand-alone GEGL DAG editor?
(as opposed to editing the GIMP DAG). That would already be a very
useful tool and additionally a nice testbed for advanced functionality.

Reason is, i see quite some difficult bits for a GIMP DAG editor,
for the UI has been decided to utilize operation chains instead of trees.
So the UI will deliberately allow only a subset of DAG editing.
In consequence, it will be difficult to resolve conflicts between edits done
via the DAG editor and edits done via the standard UI. And this 'standard UI'
is yet to be designed as is a DAG plugin API...

Older versions of GEGL featured a rudimentary DAG editor, but i can't
access the web site right now - i guess prior to 0.0.18 or so.

An interesting option to migrate such a GEGL editor into GIMP is to make it
a standard plugin which hosts its private GEGL tree -- embedded into the
GIMP tree..

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