Hi Ryan,

> I want to write some plug-ins in Prolog.
> I want to be able to deal with the input and output in the form of a Prolog
> Preferring to work in Prolog I need some help from a C programmer to write
>  this plug-in.  I'd appreciate any help from someone who has written a
>  plug-in before.

You want quite a lot and you will probably also need to do quite a lot of stuff 
you do not want. :-)

But your idea seems interesting (at least to me, although I'm not very fond of 
functional languages such as Prolog - I'm more the imperative type).

Some thoughts you should deal with in the first place:
- Are the plug-ins you want to do in Prolog to be compiled or interpreted ?
- Which would be the Prolog compiler / interpreter to use for that project ?

If the plug-ins are to be compiled, you would "only" need to write an 
interface library that provides the binding to the gimp / gtk+ libraries.
In this case, the plug-in template which you can find at the gimp developer's 
site will probably point you in the right direction (together with the 
documentation of the compiler, which should be able to interface to the C 
language, e.g. gprolog).

If it is going to stay in script form (i.e. will be interpreted), the thing 
would more or less go into the direction of python-fu / perl-fu (which also 
should give you an idea of what you need to do with the Prolog interpreter you 
want to use for the project; just have a look at the sources for these two 


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