Jon Nordby wrote:
> Picking up this right now. As stated in the report, there is a Python 
> input handler plug-in (written by me) available that provides OpenRaster 
> support. Are you be interested in shipping this for 2.8? What would it 
> take? 

Personally I think we should accept a sane patch that gives GIMP the 
ability to load OpenRaster files, for 2.8.

> Obviously that solution is not good enough in the long term. So what 
> would be the best approach for a long term solution? Right now, I see 
> two viable alternatives:
> 1) Making a separate library thats suitable for use from C that handles 
> the low-level/OpenRaster specific stuff. MyPaint and other apps could 
> possibly use this as well.

This is a good idea, code duplication is never good and the easier it is 
to adopt to OpenRaster, the more will do it.

The library will then be used to write a file-plugin for the file 
plug-in architecture we come up with for GIMP 2.10/3.0.

  / Martin


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