On Saturday 26 December 2009 14:54:20 Vladimir Savic wrote: 
> I've talked to kde guys (kwin developers in particular) about this
> specific issue. Their response was very interesting. They have said that
> "wrong" behavior of kwin isn't actually anyone's fault. I'll quote one
> of developers: "Gimp relies on behaviour that's not stated in the
> standard but it doesn't say it's not allowed".

Ive tried to tallk to them as well and basically they say it isn't wrong, 
because its not fixed in a standard. I call that a poor excuse for not fixing a 
usability issue. Based on usability needs it needs to be handled like metacity 
and now I hear Compiz do it, the way GIMP expects it to work. Almost anything 
else and specially the current status creates a usability nightmare. I have an 
utility window, not registered in the task bar and its BEHIND the main window. 
I have no way of raising it or using it without resorting to application side 
workarounds. That means in gimp using tab hide&show of all docks, that might 
bring it up, but its a hack.
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