On Wednesday 13 January 2010 12:38:37 pm Martin Nordholts wrote:
> It's ok. What version of GTK+ is this? One reason you get it in 2.7
> but  not 2.6.8 is that 2.7 uses the GTK+ API in a way that triggers
> the bug, while 2.6.8 does not.

at present i'm using gtk2 ver. 2.19.3-75.1. BUT after incorporating the 
latest changes from GIMP (git) today, and some updates to gtk libraries 
from openSUSE repos, GIMP 2.7 does not produce that crash anymore. (i've 
also compiled it without gnome-keyring, which seems to have produced 
similar errors with other applications). 

i'm not sure which of the above changes were responsible, but since i 
seem to have been the only one experiencing these crashes & they're gone 
now, i just leave it at that...

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