Having discussed here the possibility of helping out with wiki admin, I've 
spent the last week or two attempting to set up an account. "Attempting" 
because wiki.gimp.org is not responding. I did query this in my original email 
on the subject, attempts to ping it return:

>From soda-10g-edge.EECS.Berkeley.EDU ( icmp_seq=2 Destination 
>Host Unreachable

I can't find any references in Bugzilla, but this has been down now for around 
2 weeks (at least). On the off-chance that it's just an issue at my end, can 
anyone else connect to it, or is the wiki truely dead?

If it's the latter, then do we have a way of resurrecting it? :-)

Jon Senior <j...@restlesslemon.co.uk>
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