Right now we don't have a clearly defined color management strategy for 

I would like us to settle a minimal color management strategy for GIMP 
so that we can fix some inconsistencies in our color management, in 
particular for PNG [1], for 2.8. In short the problem with PNG is that 
the current code always writes an sRGB chunk to a PNG file if no color 
profile is attached to the image and no gamma is specified.

I suggest that we formally settle with this minimal color management 

An image either has or has not a color profile attached. A color
profile is attached as a GimpParasite named "icc-profile".

For images that have a color profile attached, this color profile is
used when displaying the image and is embedded when the image is saved
or exported.

For images that does not have a color profile attached, the global
color profile defined under Color Management in Preferences is used to
display the image, but no profile is embedded into saved or exported

So, does the above sound like a sound foundation for color management in 
GIMP? I don't expect us to have time to apply this strategy consistently 
all over GIMP for 2.8 but at least we have settled on something that we 
can put in devel-docs and continue to build on later, and it allows us 
to fix the PNG problem for 2.8.

  / Martin

PNG output: omit unwanted chunks (sRGB)


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