Michael J. Hammel writes:
> I start 2.7 in one
> workspace, then switch to another, then back to the GIMP workspace.  The
> toolbox and docks are gone - I can't find them in any workspace.  Only
> the image window remains visible.  Tabbing doesn't change anything.
[ ... ]
> I searched but the closest I found was #595708.  Not sure if this is
> related or not.

Bug 556896.

> With GIMP 2.6 Metacity works fine.  Seems a bit of a stretch to force
> people to change window managers with 2.7 just so it doesn't do this.

Agreed. It works if you use "Utility window" as the hint for the
toolbox and docks, but then they stay on top of the image window
unless you hide them completely with Tab.

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