Two questions based on GIT code.

1. Is the move feature for the text bounding box in 2.6 to be removed
from 2.7?  I got used to being able to click and drag within the
bounding box in 2.6 to position a text layer and found that a nice
feature.  Just wondering if that is gone from 2.7 development - I can't
move it that way anymore, possibly because clicking inside the bounding
box now acts as text selection.

2. I'm using multi-window mode in 2.7.  I'm using GNOME and the
Workspace Switcher with 12 workspaces in two rows.  I start 2.7 in one
workspace, then switch to another, then back to the GIMP workspace.  The
toolbox and docks are gone - I can't find them in any workspace.  Only
the image window remains visible.  Tabbing doesn't change anything.  I
have seen this with window manager hints set to either Normal Window and
Utility Window.  I've not tried Keep Above.  Am I perhaps not
configuring something correctly?

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