I've been trying to find a way for a plugin to update menu entries it 
has initially registered from query() via gimp_install_procedure()

When the plugin is being run it wishes to update the menu entries, for 
instance putting some named presets previously selected in the plugin 
interface to be easily and directly accessible from the gimp menu 
without opening plugin interface again.

Is there a way to affect menu entries generated by a plugin after it's 
query() has been called?

I thought maybe using gimp_install_temp_proc instead of 
gimp_install_procedure would do the trick, but documentation says:

"A temporary procedure is a procedure which is only available while one 
of your plug-in's "real" procedures is running. "

What exactly does it mean "while my 'real' procedure is RUNNING"?

gimp_install_temp_proc does also accept the menu spec, so the procedure 
should also be available in menu, but at which times?

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