Am Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2010 15:33:23 schrieb Gena Batsyan:
> > I don't think though that the extension mechanism should be used for the
> > purpose of being able to install changing menu procedures. It seems like
> > quite some overkill to keep a plug-in process running just for this.
> I agree, it's not very clean and is a waste of resources.
> I'd gladly avoid this if there was a clean way for a
> plugin to modify it's menu without hanging all the time in memory as an
> extension.
> For instance GIMP could introduce an internal procedure one could call
> from a plugin that would trigger plugin's query() again.
> I think this would be a nice non-intrusive add-on without the need to
> modify the API.

I wonder if this could not be implemented as an extension then ?

Not sure about it, but if an extension can register a callback procedure, then 
this extension could stay in memory while the plug-in is only loaded when 

Of course, your project would then consist of two programs, the extension for 
handling the dynamic menu stuff and the plug-in itself.


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