On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 16:54 -0500, Damien Moore wrote:

> If I'm reading correctly, Gimp currently only uses D-Bus for instance
> management. The web-site hints at the possibility of doing more
> (http://developer.gimp.org/standards.html).
> Has anyone written any code or documentation related to this?
> To me the most obvious use for a D-Bus api would be communication
> between the Gimp and a photo manager. For example, the photo manager
> could request the Gimp open an image file for editing, bring the Gimp
> UI to the top of the window stack and let the user edit the image.

You can already do that using the current DBus interface.

> When the user saves or closes the image, Gimp would send a D-bus
> notification to the photo manager allowing the photo manager to update
> information about that image (e.g. if the user uses "save as" the
> photo manager could mark the new image as "related" to the original).

That is not trivial. For the work-flow you describe, it could probably
be done. But not every image opened ends up being related to the image
that is saved later.

Probably the most interesting part for using D-Bus in GIMP would be to
export the full PDB as a D-Bus interface.


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