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On 02/17/2010 09:58 PM, yahvuu wrote:
> Import:
>      - Open non-XCF:   working space = file's color profile if exists; else 
> sRGB.
>      - Open as layers: convert new layer to working space
>      The user can override these default choices immediately after import:
>      http://yahvuu.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/implicit-confirm.png

I like your on-canvas approach, it's in line with the long term UI plans 
for GIMP.

>                  However, if the user plans to desaturate the new layer, 
> assigning
>                  sRGB instead of converting would probably be a better choice.

I would like to add that with GEGL, desaturation will always be 
performed in linear light 32-bit RGBA (maybe even LAB), so the color 
space of source bitmap won't matter for the quality of the conversion.

>                  Note the similarity of this approach with the way a newly 
> pasted
>                  layer gets positioned: as GIMP cannot know the desired 
> position,
>                  a reasonable default is offered and the user can adjust 
> later on.
>                  (Imagine every layer pasting action would result in a pop-up 
> dialog:
>                       "GIMP doesn't know where to position the layer:"
>                       [x] center
>                       [ ] top left
>                       [ ] bottom right)

We have made that mistake in many other places, like the Add Layer Mask 
dialog (maybe we should just get rid of it for 2.8?) and the New Layer 
dialog (there is a point in keeping it though: it kind of communicates 
that layers in GIMP 2.8 have a fixed size).

I like how you tie everything together. I'm not able to spot any 
workflows that won't work, and I think you've taken a good step forward 
towards improved color management in GIMP.

The subject of the mail suggests this is for 2.8, but it should work 
pretty good on any GIMP version because of it's generic nature. I am 
afraid this will be necessary unless we postpone or reschedule the GIMP 
2.8 release.



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