I did a bit of troubleshooting and discovered that Gimp uses WinHTTP
to download URI's in windows.

WinHTTP does not use the internet explorer settings.

You can change the setting in windows so gimp can access files through
a proxy with the command line "proxycfg"


proxycfg : Display current settings

proxycfg -d   : Set to No proxy (Direct access)

proxycfg -u   : import proxy settings from current IE settings

proxycfg -p <server-name>:<port> [<proxy-bypass-list>]   ; Manually
set the proxy with an optional list of hosts not needing the proxy,
specified as host1;host2;host3 with wildcards allowed

I was thinking this might be worth including it in the gimp
documentation somewhere as I was not able to find how to load URLs
from behind a proxy anywhere.

-Rob A>
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