Luiz Felipe Moraes Pereira writes:
> Also I do not mind much about not having a selected layer after 
> the deletion of a layer. But the forced viewer scroll down( or up ),
> depending of the last selected layer is a problem.

This used to annoy me a lot, because I frequently want to delete,
say, the top 5 layers. But once I figured out what it was doing,
I developed a habit of clicking on the layers I want to delete in
sequence before deleting. For instance, click on the 5th layer from
the top, then the 4th, and so on until I get to the top; then click
Delete 5 times. It sounds tedious but it doesn't take long at all --
certainly it's a lot faster than scrolling back up each time.
Try it -- you may find that it solves the problem.

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