On 04/03/2010 03:29 PM, g...@catking.net wrote:
> On 04/03/10 09:46, Martin Nordholts wrote:
>>>>   I thought choosing unit is a common way. When I first read about the
>>>>   text entry in the idea list page, I have a few questions:
>>>>   - Does the UI need to provide examples for the new text entry, e.g. "40
>>>>   px" or "9 in" near the text fields?
>> Not in the UI, rather in the manual.
> some care should be exercised here. If the interface is to become less
> clear and it is now necessary to go and read the manual in order to
> understand how to use such a basic and important input, I would be very
> inclined to see this as a regression not an improvement.
> This current interface , despite its shortcomings is clear and explicit
> about what is available.
> Replacing this approach with RTFM hardly seems appropriate.

I didn't mean that I want a hard-to-use widget that you need to read a 
manual to understand. It needs to be easy to use and intuitive of 
course. It could have autocompletion of available units for example.

I'm just saying that we should not have examples of how to use the 
widget near it in the UI, that would take up way too much space. Maybe 
in the tooltip for it though.

  / Martin


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