Am Donnerstag, 15. April 2010 02:26:42 schrieb Michael Hansen:
> I read this tutorial:
> "Today, most GIMP scripts/helpers/extensions are written using Python
>  instead of the outdated SCHEME (known as Script-Fu). This allows a lot of
>  great possibilities, but at the moment the installation of GIMP-Python for
>  Windows requires a few steps." 
> My first question is: Is it true, that Python scripts are the future, while
>  Script-Fu is outdated? 

Python has got several advantages over Script-Fu, but saying that Script-Fu is 
outdated does not mean that support for Script-Fu will vanish from one day to 

> And my second question: If this is really the case, will establishing
>  Python support be simplified in future (by embedding native support for
>  Python scripts)? OpenOffice or the newest version of Blender already come
>  with all necessary files to use Python scripts for example, without the
>  need to install all that stuff. 

It seems that you're talking Windows in this case. ;-)

Frankly, it is a very bad thing when applications include a script language 
engine in their distribution that then is installed somewhere in a non-
standard place on the platform.
Why ? For several reasons:
* there might be security issues with this engine - and you would then have to 
update several packages instead of just one
* you fill up your hard drive with the same programs over and over
* you cannot use the language as a general purpose script engine on the 
platform (or it is at least very hard to do so) when it is included in another 
programs distribution
* ... (there is more, but these are the most important reasons not to include 
a language in a program distribution)

So, if someone was to ask me, I would stringly discourage including python in 
the Gimp distribution for Windows.

A better approach would be to check the dependency on that engine, see if it 
is installed and then (download and) install it automatically in a standard 
place if necessary.

just my 2cc


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