When you paste an image (to an image) you can set transparency and 
mode for pasting. I.e. for example you can set transparency 50% and 
after pasting images will be "blended" with such setting.

However it would be useful to have the same settings for related 
operation -- not "pasted", but "pasting", i.e. dragging the image. 

It would be great to have the ability to set for example transparency 
to 50% (or mode: difference) but for dragging only, so the placement 
of the block of the image would be easier. And once you drop this (!) 
setting is "canceled" (or rather ignored) and classical mode is set.

So it would be easy to fine-tune the placement (click&hold LMB) and 
see how it looks after pasting, "big picture" (release LMB).

I hope this text is clear enough, if not, please let me know, I 
prepare some mockups.

Original report:

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