Bug 61499 was initiated 8 1/2 years ago and has become a "catch all" for 
missing metadata issues. But, with its focus on viewing/changing metadata 
values -- a major GIMP enhancement for which stand-alone tools already 
exist -- it is easy to forget a much larger issue to GIMP users, that most 
would consider a "serious bug":  (some) existing IPTC and other metadata is 
lost whenever you Open-Save a .jpg.

In my own case, I've been working, off and on, for a year to create a 
"Caption It Once, Use it Forever" approach for WordPress photo galleries 
that used the IPTC field "Caption_Abstract" of a .jpg file.  Set the field 
right when the original picture is loaded on to a computer.  And you have a 
caption for life, including automatically generated in WordPress photo 
galleries during upload.  Obviously, this is not viable if a simple cropping 
or resizing in GIMP loses the metadata where the caption is stored.  I have 
documented the problem in Bug 619554.

What is the best way to ask the GIMP Development team to consider dividing 
Bug 61499 into two separate tracks:  serious bug (loss of metadata) and 
enhancement (view/edit metadata)? 

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