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> I think that we can learn a bit from the inkscape website about this -
> they update the main page even when it's not to announce about the
> release of some XXX stuff. They update the website to inform about
> confrences (LGM, SVG Open), about the current status of the project
> (we completed XXX, and XXX bugs remain to the next version), and about
> major events like Google summer of code (We haven't even announced on
> the main website that we are looking for students!).

Thank you :) I offered same service to GIMP team once the new website
is ready for news submission. I've been writing a weekly review of
changes in Git for gimp.ru anyway since December, so it's not any kind
of a burden.

> For those of you who know the Blender project, and the BlenderNation
> website, I do believe that we need some sort of blog/new site which
> are connected one to the other.

http://layers.gimp.org used to be GIMP developers blog planet. It
wasn't much alive back in the days when it was working, but it's up to
us, no? :)

P.S. Should we switch the thread to gimp-web@ only?

Alexandre Prokoudine
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