On Wednesday, June 09, 2010 22:06:37 Michael Schumacher wrote:
> To elaborate on this:
> 1. the gimp web site is maintained in the gimp-web module of GNOME's Git
> 2. anyone can pull it from there, change pages and create patches,
> people with Git write access can push them directly
> 3. the gimp web server pulls from git, runs make and create static html
> pages with the updated content
> 4. step 3 is broken at the moment
> 5. step 3 is broken because there's no active maintainer for the server

And Ive been one of the two people to put my hand up to fix that. But it will 
take a little bit more time. It doesn't help matters that the second person, 
who promised to handle the bureaucracy involved lives in Brazil, exactly 
opposite time phase activity wise. And also since coming back from LGM Ive 
been a bit sick and busy catching up with work. But I will try to get that 
ball rolling as soon as possible.

-- Alexia
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