Quoting Gino D <ginodo...@gmail.com>:

> I'm working on a script in which I would like to insert a sequence of
> commands aimed to save a drawable as PAT file and eventually, when no
> longer needed, eliminate the file in question.

I do not believe it is possible for a Script-fu to delete files. You  
will need to either do this outside of GIMP or write a plug-in.

> The problem is that I can’t choose whatever arbitrary name for the PAT
> file, because the destination folder might contain a file with the
> same name, which would therefore run the risk of being overwritten and
> lastly removed by the script. So, this observation points out the
> necessity of implementing a method for creating unique file names by
> means of the Scipt-Fu language.
> :
> :
> Can anyone clarify my doubts and definitely confirm or deny the
> effectiveness of the method I have just stated? Moreover, any
> suggestions on how to generate unique file names in a different and
> simpler way?

I don't have time right now to review your approach, however, ...

The following code snippet uses 'gimp-temp-name' -- which generates a  
filename that has an extremely good chance of being unique -- however,  
just to be certain, an attempt is made to open the file (in your  
directory, not the ~/.gimp/tmp directory). If the open succeeds, the  
file is closed and the process repeated.

(let ((basename "")
       (filename "")
       (port #t))
   (while port
     (set! basename (car (last (strbreakup (car (gimp-temp-name "pat")) "/"))))
     (set! filename (string-append "/path/to/directory/" basename))
     (set! port (open-input-file filename))
     (when port
       (close-output-port port)
   ; filename is unique & of the form "/path/to/directory/gimp-temp-######.pat"

For better cross-platform support, you should replace the slashes  
above with the DIR-SEPARATOR system constant.

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