2010/6/23  <saulgo...@flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com>:
> I do not believe it is possible for a Script-fu to delete files. You
> will need to either do this outside of GIMP or write a plug-in.

Deletion of files is made possible by the “file-delete” procedure, as
shown at the end of the sequence of commands I proposed in my initial

> The following code snippet uses 'gimp-temp-name' -- which generates a
> filename that has an extremely good chance of being unique...

The idea of employing the “gimp-temp-name” procedure for generating a
most likely unique file name is very interesting. Thanks for your
suggestion and the snippet you devised. Pity that such procedure
affects only the GIMP temporary directory; if it were effective in
every folder, it would be great, especially for the issue we are

By chance, can you tell me if my previous conjectures about the
priority of the exclamation point are correct, besides on Windows, on
other operating systems too?
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