In the present situation of GIMP, a layer row in the Layers dialog may be
the target of a lot of different clicks: simple click in the visibility eye
or link symbol, double click in the name, and now Alt-click in the layer
thumbnail, which can also be combined with Shift and Ctrl to give
Alt-Shift-click, Alt-Ctrl-click, and even Alt-Ctrl-Shift-click. Moreover, if
there is a layer mask, clicking the layer thumbnail becomes meaningful, as
well as click, Ctrl-click, and Alt-click in the layer mask thumbnail. A
total of eleven different clicks, if I'm not forgetting some.

All these are certainly useful. However, there is no mechanism for revealing
them to users, and no other way to do the same thing. Thus many users, not
reading the user manual or the good books, can very well be unaware of all
these possibilities, and maybe they are using complicated and poor solutions
to do some actions that are in fact very simple.

Would it be interesting and useful to add some mechanism to correct this
situation? There could be additional entries in the Layers dialog menu, or
in the Image: Layer menu. There could be information messages displayed when
the mouse pointer is hovering some parts of the layer row.

I could refine the idea, but unfortunately I'm not able to implement it.
Olivier Lecarme
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