After a bug report like this
https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=623980 and some more
discussion on IRC, it was pointed out that brush dynamics are now
confusing for users who don't know them.
Some example problems are:
- Brush resizing because the default dynamics maps the velocity to the
brush size, will make regular users wonder why their brush resizes
(like the bug report above)
- Users that used the basic dynamics in 2.6 possibly won't find them
in 2.8 and will complain about missing features
- Finding where to choose brush dynamics is simply not intuitive

1. Change the default brush dynamics to mimic the default settings in
2.6 (Pressure mapped to Opacity, and disabling all the other inputs).
Simply disabling all the dynamics by default (or more precisely,
setting them to "Dynamics Off") will cause bug reports about missing
pressure support...
2. Adding a widget in the tool options window, to select the brush
dynamics. This sounds logical if we already allow to select the brush
and gradient from the tool options window.

We need feedback for both suggestions - what should the default
dynamics be (maybe we should enable things like tilt which don't
affect users that use a mouse), and whether to add or not to add a
widget to select the dynamics from the tool options window.

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