On Friday, July 09, 2010 23:38:53 LightningIsMyName wrote:
> Suggestions:
> 1. Change the default brush dynamics to mimic the default settings in
> 2.6 (Pressure mapped to Opacity, and disabling all the other inputs).
> Simply disabling all the dynamics by default (or more precisely,
> setting them to "Dynamics Off") will cause bug reports about missing
> pressure support...
It's pretty much a decided thing that the default dynamics are not intuitive 
and they are going to change to 2.8. To what is open for discussion, but I'm 
also favoring mimicking 2.6 unless a better option is proposed.

> 2. Adding a widget in the tool options window, to select the brush
> dynamics. This sounds logical if we already allow to select the brush
> and gradient from the tool options window.
This is also pretty much a decided thing. Not implemented yet tho. Wanna do 

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