Yesterday I suggest  Pinta developers (http://pinta-project.com/) improve this 
nice software using the Art Libre Set 

There are a problem: Art Libre Set is under GPL License and it appears to be 
incompatible with MIT License (The one 
Pinta uses).

I asked to the Tango mailing list and someone tell me the Gimp Icons are under 
LGPL, then they could be used.

But I can not find any reference where appears that Gimp icons are LGPL.

┬┐Are the Gimp tools and menu Icons under the GPL or LGPL license?
┬┐Could be the icons used for Pinta?

The Art Libre set allow graphical applications to be easy to use for people 
(same tools work similar way) and I think 
Pinta could be improved using it.

Salu2 de jEsuSdA 8)
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