Hello everybody. I want to sorry for my English because it's not my 
native language and i am not familiar with it.

Also i am not a serious developer so if i talk something wrong or even 
bother you please tell me about that.

Since i migrate to open-source programs  i am using GIMP often and 
everything is great (and i am very much obliged to you).
But one thing that has been distracting my attention at work is a bright 
and coloured icon theme. Searching the way to change them i founded a 
source code and icons inside in uncompiled form. It seems to be very 
good and i am tried to change them and compile package.

So it works but it's not the way to share them with somebody. (and even 
install them convenient)
I found some information about which compiled files are responsible for 
icons here: 
(it seems like your correspondence)

And it's indicate that icons contained in the gimp-stock-pixbufs.h, 
gimp-core-pixbufs.h and gimp-wilber-pixbufs.h as i remember.
But i can't find even one of them in my system. And there i get stuck.
I think you understand that i want to find some files which are 
responsible for icon themes to be able to replace them.
Adwise me please if it is not prevented and if it possible at all.

P.S.: if you interested in what i want to do here is the example: 

Thank you very much and good luck!
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