On Wed, 2010-07-14 at 22:00 +0400, Эллина Петухова wrote:
> Hello everybody. I want to sorry for my English because it's not my 
> native language and i am not familiar with it.
> Also i am not a serious developer so if i talk something wrong or even 
> bother you please tell me about that.
> Since i migrate to open-source programs  i am using GIMP often and 
> everything is great (and i am very much obliged to you).
> But one thing that has been distracting my attention at work is a bright 
> and coloured icon theme. Searching the way to change them i founded a 
> source code and icons inside in uncompiled form. It seems to be very 
> good and i am tried to change them and compile package.

You can change the icons without changing the source code and without
recompiling GIMP. Just add a gtkrc file that overrides the icons. The
gtkrc format is documented in the GTK+ developer documentation.


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