There is a sliding border between what is a canonical input device and what is 
absused, so to say, as an input device. Consider my tablet (Intuos). You say it 
has axis with fixed meaning? I beg to differ! The device provides a 
6-dimensional motion event. Channel 0 to 4 being more or less what you said, 
fixed with something that would not make sense to change (I'll revise that in a 
second), then channel 5 corresponds to the wheel on the tablet. The driver also 
emits a button event when scrolling the wheel but at the same time it provides 
positional data in the motion vector.

GIMP/GTK accounts for the channel's existance, but GIMP does not know what to 
do with a "Wheel" channel, as what GTK identifies it, and can only handle the 
button events to be mapped to mouse-wheel events.

So much for the canonical input devices and their fixed meanings. I don't think 
anything is fixed and it just depends on the type of input device how likely 
one might want to change it. That's what I meant by a sliding line.

I also might want to map Tilt (which GIMP currently has no support for), which 
is channels 3 and 4 to something like color (or just brush size). As with the 
rather inconsistent way GIMP/GTK handles all this stuff right now, only one 
hardcoded channel, that is the channel identified as "Pressure" by GTK (usually 
2) can have any effect. Every channel mapping is 100% hardcoded which is maybe 
not what you want with a canonical input device and is certainly not what you 
want if you use additional input devices.

And unfortunally, there is no way of fixing this somewhere else. GTK offers a 
way to swap channels and map buttons which is a complete redundancy to what a 
driver or xmodmap can do. But it offers no way to give the Axis actual meanings 
in the program, which is what only IT can and should do.

On 07/17/2010 09:54 PM, Alexia Death wrote:
> Just so its said first, input stuff is business of GTK. Gimp conjumes what GTK
> provides.
> On Saturday, July 17, 2010 22:45:07 Cedric Sodhi wrote:
>> I, as a user, would like to directly corelate the axis (x motion event!!!)
>> to zoom, pan, color, etc! Therefore I say that this needs a coherent
>> interface where such mappings can take place.
> Any paint options are mapped via dynamics, try 2.7 from git and you'll see
> what I mean. Pan and Zoom are UI controlls and such part of a different
> concept. One that does not exist yet. This concept is where mapping axis of
> odd devices like navigator to UI and action control should be set.
>> I think these major points which can bring a great advantage for any
>> professional who uses the appropriate input devices.
> Tablets are paint and draw tools and their axis have fixed meanings. 
> Chaninging
> that would be silly. Navigators and other such tools are separate business.
> -- Alexia
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