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> GIMP/GTK accounts for the channel's existance, but GIMP does not know what to 
> do with a "Wheel" channel, as what GTK identifies it, and can only handle the 
> button events to be mapped to mouse-wheel events.

GIT does. Wheel is as mappable in dynamics as any other input. You
cant try it if you have either artpen or airbrush.

> So much for the canonical input devices and their fixed meanings. I don't 
> think anything is fixed and it just depends on the type of input device how 
> likely one might want to change it. That's what I meant by a sliding line.

You never want to map X,Y and pressure to UI functions. That just
woudnt make sense. Maping tilt or wheel to UI functions would make the
pen unusable in its primary function. There was a bug recently in
wacom drver that made wheel send scroll events. The pen just wasnt
usable in UI. So, Im sorry, but tablets axes are not something you
want to map to ui.

> I also might want to map Tilt (which GIMP currently has no support for),
Again wrong. Try 2.7.1 or GIT.

> And unfortunally, there is no way of fixing this somewhere else. GTK offers a 
> way to swap channels and map buttons which is a complete redundancy to what a 
> driver or xmodmap can do. But it offers no way to give the Axis actual 
> meanings in the program, which is what only IT can and should do.
You really should take a look at development versions before writing
here. Please look at either 2.7.1 or GIT then we can talk again.

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