Hi there,

this is my first contact to GIMP/GTK+ from a developer's point of view.

For a research project I need to be able to render UI widgets/palettes 
of a graphics editor (like GIMP) entirely in 3D space. In other words, I 
would like to apply 4x4 Matrices (rotation, translation, shearing) onto 
the widgets' bounding rectangles and then render these transformed 
rectangles directly in 3D space and texture them with the widgets' content.

I have found a very exciting example for Qt (see [1] or [2]) which 
exactly demonstrates this. However, unfortunately, I could not find an 
open source Qt-based graphics editor that comes close to the features of 
GIMP... :-).

Now, my question: Does anybody of you have knowledge about whether and 
how I could do something similar in GTK+/GIMP? A small test example 
would be great. Of course, I already did a little research and came to 
the conclusion that maybe a combination of GIMP, cairo and glitz might 
be an excellent starting point. What do you think? Is it possible to 
render GIMP/GTK+ widgets entirely in OpenGL, e.g., via FBOs?

My environment of choice would be MS VS 2008/Win32, but I could also 
live with mingw or even Linux (I would definitively prefer the first 
option, because this is our lab's standard).

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