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> this is my first contact to GIMP/GTK+ from a developer's point of view.

A GTK+ mailing list would probably be more appropriate than the
gimp-developer mailing list :)

> For a research project I need to be able to render UI widgets/palettes
> of a graphics editor (like GIMP) entirely in 3D space. In other words, I
> would like to apply 4x4 Matrices (rotation, translation, shearing) onto
> the widgets' bounding rectangles and then render these transformed
> rectangles directly in 3D space and texture them with the widgets' content.

You can do this by combining Gtk+ and Clutter. Clutter is a 3d scene
graph library based on the same technologies GTK+ is built from.
Clutter-GTK is an intergration library that allows you to place GTK
widgets inside a ClutterStage (scene graph), as well as use
ClutterStages as GtkWidgets. Both Clutter and Clutter-GTK are
available from http://clutter-project.org/

/Øyvind K.
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