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> Imagine you've made a selection around an object and then saved that
> selection to a channel for later use (for example, a model's face). If
> increasing the canvas size filled the "edges" of the canvas with
> anything but black, then your saved selection would no longer be
> limited to the original object (e.g., the model's face), but would
> also include the edges. It seems more reasonable to me that saved
> selections should not be changed if the canvas size changes.

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That's pretty much the same (and opposite) problem I'm facing.
Imagine you're storing image data for output in the channels.  100%
solid  = 100% output.  Now, increase the canvas size and there's a
solid border of output.  I must delete it to prevent it from printing.

IMO, storing selections is but a secondary function of spot channels -
their primary function is output to press.  But I'm coming from a
print background, so perhaps I'm biased ;)

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