In the Image -> View menu, the Zoom sub-menu contains entries for 1:2, 1:4,
1:8, and 1:16 zooming factors. They are supposed to be associated with
shortcuts Shift+2, Shift+3, Shift+4, and Shift+5.

With the current git version and Ubuntu 10.04, I get a different behavior:

- Shift+ a digit on the main keyboard does not have any effect.

- If the auxiliary keyboard is num unlocked, no effect at all, with or
without Shift.

- If it is num locked, Shift+2 divides by two the current zooming factor,
Shift+8 doubles it, Shift+3 sets the zooming factor to 1:8, and Shift+9  to
8:1. Other digits are inoperant, as well as all digits when they are typed
without Shift.

If this is what is intended, it does not work as documented in the Zoom
menu. At least the auxiliary keyboard should be mentioned. In the
documentation, there is nothing about this.

Olivier Lecarme
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