On Sunday, October 03, 2010 04:10:08 Melissa Young wrote:
> Hi,
>   I am creating a new image that is 1265 x 1610 pixels.  I am making a
> photo collage with 9 different pictures.  Earlier today I was able to
> scale the image to 3.66 (width) x 4.66 (height) pixels.  I am not able to
> do that anymore.  When I try to put a decimal point the program doesn't
> even recognize the decimal. How can I fix this where I am able to do
> decimals in the pixel setting when scaling a picture?
> Melissa 

Pixel values can only be integers. Nothing to do with gimp, just with what a 
pixel is. Pixel is the smallest unit of information the image contains. You 
cant split it any smaller. You probably scaled in some different unitspace 
before. Open one of those images and see how big it really is in pixels.

Also, why on earth do you want to scale with that sort of (impossible) 

-- Alexia
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