On Sat, 2010-10-30 at 12:51 +0200, Gino D wrote:

> I would like to precisely understand how the "gimp-progress-install"
> procedure works; sorry, I have tried to see the source code for this
> purpose, but I am still not very experienced in reading and managing
> it, and I have some difficulty in figuring out what a
> "progress-callback" exactly represents.
> More than anything, I am interested in knowing in which cases and for
> what purposes the aforesaid procedure (as well as related commands,
> such as "gimp-progress-uninstall" and "gimp-progress-cancel") could be
> used within scripts. Can you give me some examples?

You don't need to use these procedures from scripts.

Their purpose is to allow plug-ins to install their own UI for
displaying progress information from other procedures. The Script-Fu
extension uses it for example to redirect progress information from a
script to the progress-bar in the script dialog window.


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