Hello guys, i'm recently into the Gimp Plugin development and I'm trying to 
write a plug that shows a new window to interact with the user.
I designed it with Glade 3.6 to make it simple, then I saved the interface in 
GtkBuilder format "interface.glade".
But now... I can't figure out how to implement it in my plugin code. Look, 
that's what I tried:
That's the 'run' procedure:
static void run (
 const gchar      *name,
 gint              nparams,
 const GimpParam  *param,
 gint             *nreturn_vals,
 GimpParam       **return_vals)
 static GimpParam  values[1];
 GimpPDBStatusType status = GIMP_PDB_SUCCESS;
 GimpRunMode       run_mode;
 /* Setting mandatory output values */
 *nreturn_vals = 1;
 *return_vals  = values;
 values[0].type = GIMP_PDB_STATUS;
 values[0].data.d_status = status;
 /* Getting run_mode - we won't display a dialog if 
 * we are in NONINTERACTIVE mode */
 run_mode = param[0].data.d_int32;
You see, the last rows calls the 'batch_dialog()' that will make the window 
appear, is that:
static gboolean
batch_dialog ()
 gboolean run;
 gimp_ui_init ("batchmygimp", FALSE);
 GtkBuilder *builder;
 GtkWidget *window;
 builder = gtk_builder_new ();
 gtk_builder_add_from_file (builder, "prova.glade", NULL);
 window = GTK_WIDGET (gtk_builder_get_object (builder, "window1"));
 gtk_widget_show (window);
 run = (gimp_dialog_run (GIMP_DIALOG (window)) == GTK_RESPONSE_OK);
 printf("run variable = %d\n",run);

 return run;
And nothing appears when I start it .-.
Is there a plugin that implements Glade in it? So I can give a sight...         
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