On 11/08/2010 09:01 PM, Alessandro Francesconi wrote:
> Hello guys, i'm recently into the Gimp Plugin development and I'm trying
> to write a plug that shows a new window to interact with the user.
> I designed it with Glade 3.6 to make it simple, then I saved the
> interface in GtkBuilder format "interface.glade".
> But now... I can't figure out how to implement it in my plugin code.
> Look, that's what I tried:>
> gtk_widget_show (window);
> run = (gimp_dialog_run (GIMP_DIALOG (window)) == GTK_RESPONSE_OK);
> printf("run variable = %d\n",run);
> return run;
> }

You need a main loop, try putting gtk_main() before you return and make 
sure to call gtk_main_quit() in some UI handler.

The PNG save plug-in uses Glade:

  / Martin


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