> Von: Michael Natterer <mi...@gimp.org>

> Since the GIMP account is full of money, and I don't use
> it for anything else that hacking GIMP, I'd like to get
> it sponsored.
> There is no GIMP commitee deciding such things, so please
> object here, or give an OK if you feel "entitled" to :-)

I feel entitled to OK this, because I've triggered many (most?) of the recent 
transactions involving GIMP money :)

Helping developers to work on GIMP *is* on of the purposes of that money.

I can also send the mail to the GNOME treasurer to trigger the reimbursement 
for your tablet, if you'd feel weird about requesting the money yourself.

Should you feel guilty about withdrawing money for something you may benefit 
from personally, then I'd suggest that you mentor in a future GSoC and let the 
mentor org share of the stipend rest in the GIMP funds ;)

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