On Tue, 2010-12-07 at 18:15 +0000, Filipe Sim-Sim wrote:

> My idea is this: Put Gimp on the App Store. with a symbolic fee, let's
> say 2.5$ . If the 70/30 ratio of apple store is applied, then that
> should be 1.75$ for each download. This could be a significant source
> of income for the Gimp Project, the Gimp on Mac and could possibly
> allow a single developer to be committed full-time to it. This
> symbolic fee could be either for each 2.X updates or perpetual, that
> is open to discussion, i'm not that sure on the details. 

If anyone wants to improve GIMP on OS X and put it up on the App Store,
for whatever fee, they are free to do that. We can't stop anyone from
doing that anyway and as long as the changes are pushed back upstream,
everyone will benefit.

Now I am curious if some real improvements to GTK+ on OS X and GIMP
would result from this. Currently there doesn't seem to be any interest
in GIMP on OS X. Even though there's a pretty well working Quartz port
of GTK+, there haven't been any successful attempts to make a binary
GIMP installer from this (as far as I know). I very much doubt that
money would change this, but if someone thinks that he/she could make a
living from this, please go ahead and give it a try. In general we (and
the GTK+ developers) are very much interested in getting your changes
integrated upstream.


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