On 01/06/2011 08:32 AM, Olivier wrote:
> 2011/1/5 Martin Nordholts <ense...@gmail.com <mailto:ense...@gmail.com>>
>     That is not necessary, the reason I haven't hacked on GIMP the last two
>     months is that I am working on a website which will allow people to
>     easily track progress of GIMP development (or any project for that
>     matter).
>     I expect to be back working on single-window mode in 1-3 months.
> What could be the implications on the date of the future release of
> version 2.8?

We want GIMP 2.8 out as soon as possible. Achieving that goal with be 
easier with a tool which will allow us to track progress of development, 
since problems can be spotted early, making them easier to resolve or 
mitigate. The effect on GIMP 2.8 development as well as future GIMP 
versions will be positive.

It will also be easier for external parties, for example book authors 
that tries to align book publishing with releases of new GIMP versions, 
to see if development is progressing as expected.

  / Martin


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