Can I add something?
You all may be right - discussing and checking UI changes are very very 
important and additional optional features are not the solution. And it 
makes sense to have one person (or a small group) that knows the way to 
go and keeps the overview. And on the other side, I can completely 
understand the TO - the current UI is definitely worth some polishing so 
he has invested some time and wants to get his stuff in. And on the 
first glance his fixes look very cool.

All fine to now, two controversial opinions that may be solved by some 
trade-off... But I still have to give some critique: I have experienced 
similar incidents quite a few times. Again, you may all be right and I 
understand your perspective. But if you want to get/keep contributors 
you want to consider *how* to stress your workflow. Please try some 
empathy: somebody invests a lot of time (and even more important does 
the step to actually start doing something) and is rejected with not too 
much thankfulness. Or at least it sounds like that. I know about some 
people that wanted to contribute but also gave up due to bad help and 
harsh conversation.
Sure, I understand that also you guys do it for free. My respect for 
this, truly. But it's only a small hint. Either you want GIMP going 
forwards then you should do everything to support it or you don't want 
it (what I don't think) then you also would not have to invest your 
precious time in the project.
You can have your opinion, your workflow, your casual 
how-to-deal-with-new-features. But before rejecting contributors one 
should thank and laud them. And emphasize that one likes the changes but 
before implementing them has to re-consider and double-check them. And 
maybe offer some help or time-limit for the check. Otherwise it sounds 
like "thanks, we keep it in some temp file and maybe we find it in some 
years again but at the moment, no chance". Lauding would be the way to 
go in order to keep people motivated and in a good mood spending more 
time on the project. Since years I read about complaints GIMP has only 2 
or 3 full developers and releases delay and delay. This will definitely 
not change with sentences like "nice try, but: no."

You can ignore me if you think you should. I just had to try giving some 
explanations and in this way maybe helping the GIMP project. And again, 
I hold your work in high respect and am happy you do the stuff you do. 
That's no general criticism. It's only a little proposal how to do even 
better :)

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